Our commitment to lasting quality shines through in every aspect of our construction. We steer clear of particle board, MDF, or HDF, opting for the unparalleled durability of real wood.

Solid Wood Doors

Crafted from genuine solid wood for timeless beauty and sturdiness.

Dovetail Drawers

Impeccable craftsmanship with dovetail joints for enhanced strength and aesthetics.

Thick Shelves

Our 3/4" plywood shelves boast an enduring 8-layer clear coat, while the metal shelf pins incorporate anti-fallout technology.

Plywood Box

The foundation of our cabinets features high-quality 5/8" plywood & forged steel corner braces for robustness.

Standard Features

Elevate your cabinetry experience with these standard features that reflect our dedication to excellence.

Soft-close Drawers

Experience the tranquility of our soft-close drawers, designed to prevent slamming and ensure a quiet, smooth operation.

Soft-close Hinges

Embrace the convenience of near-silent door closing thanks to our advanced soft-close hinge technology.

Tilt-out Trays

Discover delightful hidden conveniences in our sink cabinets, including trays with a ring holder and soap dish.

Door Bumpers

Enjoy double the noise isolation when closing doors, thanks to our premium silicone door bumpers, adhered by an advanced 3M™ adhesive.

  Please view the specific product page for details.

Sustainability & Testing

At J&K Cabinetry, we prioritize sustainability and rigorous testing to ensure our products meet the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.


Our commitment to clean air and reduced emissions is reflected in our compliance with CARB 2 standards.


We adhere to EPA TSCA Title VI regulations, ensuring the safety and sustainability of our products.


J&K Cabinetry is proud to be associated with KCMA, an organization dedicated to promoting excellence in cabinet manufacturing.


J&K Cabinetry manages, maintains and fully complies with all NKBA guidelines to assure our customers of the best practices in design and functionality.


We use AkzoNobel coatings, renowned for their durability, eco-friendliness, and stunning finishes.